Friday, October 1, 2010

Life is like a database

Make your life as deep as a database
Be always as unique as a primary key
Be productive as an index
Take others good habits as a foreign key....!!!
Share your joys with others as a cluster
Keep note of your activities as good as data dictionary
Grant some privileges to others as a role
Secure the things as a dba....!!!
Do the things in order as a rowid
Follow your resolution as strict as a sequence
Light others life as a trigger
Be prepared for the worst as an exception....!!!
Always be fruitful as a function
Forgive others as a rollback transaction
Always help others like checkpoint
Choose the best path like an optimizer....!!!
Project yourself the best like a view
Don't expect anything from others(procedures) and
Be thankful to god as a commit transaction...!!!

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Robin Burnad said...

Nice One